free day

music + movies + cooking + knitting + quilting + reading + naps = my friday.

an unexpected cancellation means today, which was looking very busy and possibly out-of-state, is now schedule-free. equally importantly, the sensible and slightly workaholic part of me has finally ceased arguing that i should find some library shift for a handful of hours at least. instead, i just rented two movies, i have another from the library, there are dozens of library and other books waiting to be read, there are at least three different knit projects that are 85% done, i’m hungry and feel like making some bread and/or pasta and/or enchiladas, and i have a recently-bought bag full of step two in the My First Quilt project. ..all this might sound exhausting, but really, it’s heaven.

[for prettiness,some pics of the cats the other day, when i was knitting in the backyard and they came exploring. the last of summer is slowly fading away here in maryland, but this was one afternoon all three of us very much enjoyed. it may look like fall in the pics, but it still feels summery. oh, and check out my improvised stitch marker, a.k.a leaf stem. i was very pleased about that ;) ]

thanks for all the nice comments on the last couple of posts especially. i’m going to see if i can take some good pictures today of the most recently finished knits. stay tuned! and happy friday ~~

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