being a bridemaid

…requires some work even before the wedding, particularly if it’s your sister that’s getting hitched. so, we’ve been doing some letterpressing and yay, it’s going great. this is claudin’s first time setting type and my third time on a vandercook (which is the type of press we used, different from the typical clamshell/platen types of press), so it’s been a bit blind-leading-the-blind, but we’ve managed pretty well, i think. plus, great music and happy chatter keep things moving.

tomorrow we go back to the presses one last time, then we have to assemble all the invitations, stuff the envelopes, and i get to label them all, as my handwriting was deemed the least worst. ;) still, i labeled my older sister’s wedding invitations, so it’s becoming kind of tradition-ish and i like that. happily, it’s going to be a small wedding, so that’s not too many invitations, but it’s still a bunch of work. we’ll have them all in the mail october 2nd, appropriately the bride-to-be’s 26th birthday.

in other news, the knitting keeps on coming. i finished another quick handspun knit, i got a package of yarn today (elann has the fastest shipping hands-down) for a new project, and i now have four finished knits that need photographing, yikes. really, it’s kind of exciting since i’d been in such a knitting slump for months and months.

which leads me to: this ravelry thing is so addicting. i know that’s not much news to other knitting fiends, but i keep being surprised. i just love feeling so fiber-organized and having everything all visually displayed and lined up. really, it’s endlessly entertaining. a tad distressing in how much time it occupies, but for now, with the hint of fall in the air, it’s perfect.

ok, so g’night & happy october (can you believe it?? sheesh) ~ ~

[pics: the invitation and glimpses of the rvsp card are in the first pic, that’s claudi setting type in the second, and that’s me cleaning up the press and ink in the third]

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