an observation

some people are really good at waking others up. i have experienced this first hand and it’s such a great thing, the kind that leads to happy stretching and calls of “gooood morning!” with smiles and everything.

and then there are others that are horrible at it. i mean truly & consistently horrible. why oh why does my family have to have this second type? and why do i live with them?!

some links coming your way later today. it’s 8:57 and i’ve been trying to go back to bed for almost two hours now, but fine, i give up! i’m up, i’m up.


~ have you seen google’s new 411 service? works with phones, googlemaps, texting, etc. and it’s free. impressive i think.

~ life as we knew it by susan beth pfeffer, wow. this book just sunk into my bones and is not going away. i need to learn to garden and preserve, that’s clear.

~ free rice is an online word game that is addicting, and also donates 10 grains of rice to the u.n. for every word you get right. sounds ridiculous perhaps, but in november alone they donated over 4 1/2 billion grains. [via green chair press]

~ i found one of my favorite author’s livejournal blog – it has a bit more dog in it than i like (i’m more of a cat person you know), but still, it’s robin mckinley! (interesting tidbit: in lieu of a book tour, which i take it she’s not crazy about, she set up a blog. nice that they’re seen as comparable, i think.)

~ a silly but pretty funny dating test. i’m a window shopper, they say – a random gentle love dreamer, ha. [via femiknit mafia]

~ brian dettmer makes amazing book art, check it out. [via]

~ i’m reading barbara kingsolver’s animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life and it’s really good.

~ some more pretty art. check out this f. more here: also, emily morris’ paper cut outs are amazing, drop-dead gorgeous amazing. chris natrop’s is equally amazing. i love this stuff. this is art that resonates with me.

~ ok, this next art stuff is just fun to puzzle out, see?: can you name which care bears are being used? haha. [all of the art links via rag and bone]

~ i’ve been checking out linktv’s mosaic program this morning, and so far it’s really good. i haven’t been keeping up on news at all lately, so it’s nice to have a good source to turn to (besides democracy now! which varies in quality.)

~ one of my parents’ big goldfishes had a floating problem where it just kept bobbing to the surface, like it was full of air, or something. to my surprise, this worked: feed it a couple of crushed peas. you heard it here first, folks! ;)

in other news: my sister got married this past weekend, i’ve been spinning a lot, the knitting has slowed since my left hand is hurting a bit, my room is a disaster area, the cats are good, i’m leaving for bolivia in a little over three weeks (!) for three weeks, and i’ve finally figured out a work balance i think.

oh! and it’s snowing. i love that. unfortunately, they’re predicting 59 degrees on saturday (!!) so it’ll be gone soon. for today, i have a long drive up to baltimore and back, so i’m thinking of getting a good audio book to listen to in the car.

and that’s all the news that’s fit to print. hope you and yours are doing well ~ some pics next time, promise. bye ~ ~

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