here i am

and here’s a little gift from me to you: three christmas songs that have been in heavy rotation. i love many of the classic christmas songs – and last night i had a good helping of nat king cole, judy garland, the drifters, and so on – but sometimes you need something else, and right now, these feel just right.

carla thomas – gee whiz, it’s christmas

diana krall – christmas time is here

prince – another lonely christmas

christmas is full of so many memories, so many emotions – lots of happy stuff, but lots of wistfulness and introspection, no? i’m so tired, i’m just beat. so, nice music, give it a try.

and that’s that. i’ll be posting more between now and christmas – believe it! – and there’s some happy pictures and videos coming your way, never fear. and bolivia! wow, that trip is just around the corner – i had to get my yellow fever shot today in preparation, ouch – and it’s going to be amazing, i know it.

enjoy the tunes ~ ~

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