and i’m off

i haven’t been to bolivia in eight years – we used to go pretty often as kids, and the last time, i went with my whole family for the millenium new year. at the time i had plans to go back to bolivia that summer and live there for a while, after i’d graduated from college. those plans changed and i ended up driving across the country to l.a. and, well that’s where i stayed. i always had intentions of going to bolivia again – it’s in half my blood, those mountains, the thin air, the amazing food, the music, and so on – but it just never worked out.

this time, though, i’m ready to take it allll in, all the more so because this is a really special trip for us. i’m going with my parents, my older sister daniella, and two of her four kids – kiyra from the post below, and gavin, the littlest of the family. my parents have been building an incredible house right outside of la paz, the capital, and my dad especially is so excited to show it to us. who knows when we’ll all get together like this again, and to show a three year old her heritage for the first time? amazing.

i’ll try and post while done there – i’ve been told two of my aunts own a new cafe downtown that has wireless, and i got a new laptop (!) for christmas, so i’ll try my best.

so. bags packed, catsitter arranged, shower taken, books and yarn in carry-on (oh yes there will be knitting!), extra contacts too, passport ready.

happy end of the year ~ goodbye 2007, hello 2008.

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