happy new year!

i found a fairly reliable wifi connection – that i hope doesn’t disappear! – and am ready to start uploading some pictures and stories. i’ve been here in la paz, the capital of bolivia, for a week now and just yesterday finally found my sea legs, so to speak. hooray! my cousin susanna will arrive any minutes to take me to the zona sur where one aunt lives and lots of shops can be found. ;) after that, off to her house out in the wilderness for lunch, and then my sister and i will go pick up my parents in achocalla, the village where they’re building a house. it’s amazing, can’t wait to show you all pictures. yesterday i went for a long walk by myself in downtown la paz and got happily lost-and-then-found-again. independence is the best!

ok, for now, a pic from new year’s – i hear my cousin’s little vw beetle pulling up…

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