see, i have been knitting. i’ve just run into a few problems with my various projects. for example:

any suggestions on getting an ink stain out? i’ve tried acetone, water, oxy clean – i’m thinking about double stitching over the ink but the new stitches would be pretty darn obvious. or not? help!

in the meantime, some welcome distractions: spinning with my nieces and nephew. nothing like a spinning wheel to make three year olds (and two year olds, and a fourteen month old) curious. kiyra, the oldest, has declared she wants a spinning wheel for her birthday.

thanks for the sweet comments and emails from my last post ~ ~ you all rock. i got back from bolivia on monday and i’m slowly catching up on laundry, emptying suitcases, emails, and organizing photos from my trip. so, don’t worry, there’s a good handful of bolivia-related posts coming up.

happy groundhog day ~

p.s. download a slightly-dark and very short movie of my nieces and nephew in action (5 seconds, 1.5 mb)

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