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you know it’s been too long since you’ve written when your browser no longer has your url cached. it’s only been a little over a month, i realized, but my, what a month. still, this post, i decided, is going to be cancer-free. i was going to title it that, in fact, but i thought that a) my humor has gotten a little twisted and b) doing that would kind of defeat the purpose exactly. ha. instead, how about fiber, fiber, some random stuff, and then a bit of family.

first off, this is going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up. why? oh, just yarn school (!). and then a fiber preparation workshop (!). and then, but of course, maryland sheep & wool in all its lovely sheepiness. (!!) i will be on fiber overload but i don’t care. fiber or bust, that’s the way i see it. plus i’m the class aide for the workshop (which means i get the class 1/2 off, yay), and i’m helping out at the fleece show too. yikes.

next, who decided they needed a portable wheel for all this traveling? yes, yes, that would be andrea. a pretty victoria came home with me, after visiting misty mountain farm in nearby virgina. i tell ya, when i treat myself, i treat myself good. i don’t usually go this all out, but i’m in a serious fuckit mood. or i was – i’m restraining myself ever-so-slightly right now. we’ll see how early may goes. ;)

in other news, i’ve processed one whole fleece, my first. you may remember, i got three last year – one is done. the smallest one. ahem. but still, a lot was learned and whew, it will hold me back from getting too many this year. i’m aiming for one or two more at most. and also, i’ve learned that no matter how cheap or cheaper a fleece is, more than just a little of vm isn’t worth the work at all. valuable lesson, that.

also, looking forward to the fibery loveliness coming up, i’ve spun up all but two pounds of roving and the two fleeces. that’s it – that’s the stash that’s left.* all the rest, three or four pounds in total, has been spun since early february. that’s a lot of spinning there – including four ounces of cotton, which may not sound like a lot, but is a lot of work for a newbie like me. my spinning is still very beginnerish, but i’m very happy with the progress made in the last year or so and really, it’s been an amazing escape for me.

(*oh. except for a teeny fleece that came home with my victoria. some gorgeous finn that was calling, calling!, to me. practically no vm, barely any second cuts, generously priced and well skirted. plus i got to pet some brand-new lambs just a minute earlier – how can a girl say no? i sorted through three of the seven pounds already, and have washed 8 ounces. lovely lovely. pics to come. )

so yeah. lots of good fiber stuff there. in other news, my gardening plans are going ahead, finally, for once in my life – my dad has a gorgeous orchard in the back that’s been neglected for a couple of years, so i’ve been learning how to prune (!) and reading up on raised bed gardening. i tried growing some plants from seed, but so far, it’s looking a little depressing, sigh. nevertheless, very very interesting. also, i’ve been on an organizational kick in my room – jewelry, books, clothing, furniture, you name it. also destashing and tossing and donating stuff left and right. decluttering one’s life feels delicious, but is a loooong process.

then, family stuff (sorry for the list-like writing, but if i didn’t post something soon, i’d have no idea how to start again): a cousin is engaged i hear (congrats, kenneth!), three others are pregnant (sylvana, kiki, and karen!), and my littlest sister, lucinda, got engaged (you’re a lucky man, andy!). so, lot’s of exclamation marks all around. i love my family.

there you have it, all caught up. hope each and every one of you are doing well. sorry for the disappearing act, i’ll try to stick around a little more. happy wednesday ~ ~

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