sharing some happiness

hi there. it’s almost one a.m. so i really shouldn’t be typing – – i should be sleeping! after a week of eight+ hour daily fiber classes at yarn school, followed immediately by the fiber prep class too, i’m beat. and then today, after the last day of class, i helped at the fleece show for five hours. it was incredible. but my feet are already aching and there’s still alllll day tomorrow and all day sunday. i don’t care – hooray for maryland sheep & wool!

but!! i had to share: earlier today i submitted four handspun skeins and one basket of handspun yarn to the skein and garment competition and tonight i peeked into the building where they were setting them all up, with ribbons affixed, and i’m pretty sure i saw one of mine with a ribbon, and maybe even a second one. eek! i was smiling so big all the way to the car, kinda chirping in happiness.

and for all of you spinners missing out on maryland sheep & wool – no fear, your friend andrea has some maryland sheepiness to share with you, as a happy thank you for being such nice readers. details coming up! as well as notes and impressions from my fiber week, pics too, and more.

happy weekend! and happy belated may day ~ ~

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