a may valentine

my dad, son of a farmer, set up a small orchard in the back a handful of years ago and he’d told me that he’d planted some strawberries in one of the corners of the orchard. i wasn’t surprised, he’s such a berry fanatic. (he’ll buy forty pints of blueberries in the fall and freeze them for his morning cereal throughout winter.) he didn’t tend the orchard much last year – my parents were busy traveling to bolivia a lot on various projects – and this year i’ve done a teensy bit of pruning here and there, but really it’s been kinda neglected. however, today, after a nice couple of hours puttering around in the back, i decided to go peek around.

see what i found? the perfect strawberry. the first of my dad’s harvest, from all those years of working the soil, caring for the plants. i carried it back to the house, proudly showed it to him, he looked at it, said wow, and ate it in two bites. a little red valentine, from the land he loves.

and me? trying to follow in big footsteps. here’s some pics of my first try..

happy may ~ ~

[notes added for plants here.]

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