about – 2008, very cranky

hi, i’m andrea hull ~

maybe this isn’t the best time to be writing this, but here goes.. i’m a librarian with a master’s degree in library science from ucla; i love kids, books, making things, music, and making people laugh. although it’s been almost two years since i moved here from l.a., it feels very recent and painful still – but then i’m clearly good at holding on to things. i moved back to maryland, where i grew up, to spend time with my family as it’d been years since i’d been home for more than just the holidays.

about a year later, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer in october 2007, and he died a little over ten months later, in july 2008. i can publicly list three things which have saved me from becoming a basket-case and/or veryvery unhappy angry girl (which i’m close to being, but maybe minus one very): my cats, my nieces and nephews, and making things with my hands, primarily knitting and spinning.

i’m thirty-one, a middle child, a southpaw, generally happy (trust me on this), 5’2”, a pisces (never thought it mattered but i can’t deny what seems true), largely vegetarian, half-bolivian, polyglot (russian major, lived in italy, and then spanish of course too), and formerly, although no one else believes it, fairly active and continually interested in politics. for the first time in years, i have long hair again, but i’m tempted all the time to cut it.

in short, i give myself about a year to get out of this funk. after that, who knows.


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