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~ bolivia’s president evo morales is under a lot of pressure from those who previously held all the power in bolivia and are pretty unhappy that he’s leading a movement of the indigenous majority to take control of bolivia’s future. they keep trying to kick him out or undermine him or etc etc. it’s ridiculous. he’s a great president and one that bolivia’s needed so badly. i was very proud when he was elected president three years ago and i still am today. go evo! [for more info on him, start with these maybe: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

~ after six years, this is still my favorite color helper for website work

~ a few weeks ago, i watched a lot of tv on hulu.. it’s free, though there’s 15 second ads now and then, but there’s not only tv shows like arrested development (all three seasons!), there’s movies like the fifth element and fever pitch. great for knitting ;)

~ this documentary, a classroom divided is pretty amazing, about race in the u.s. and an experiment a teacher started with her students in 1968. check it out.

~ i bought a new bike! and have been biking at least three times a week for the past few weeks, yay. my favorite place to bike? the c & o canal.. now i just need to print out the handy map they provide and tape it to my bike. hooray for cruisers and beautiful late summer weather.

~ papercdcase.com will make a nice little paper holder for your cds, perfect for sending off those mix cds to friends, or for yourself. free.

~ simon’s cat shows what every cat person knows all too well .. you dog people have it eaaaasy. ;)

~ the other day, i cleaned up my itunes library – so many of the songs had little exclamation marks before them, indicating dead files, it was getting frustrating. i knew i had almost all of the songs on my backup, so using this handly little applescript, the problem is now fixed, with only a dozen songs still missing. (i’ll find them!)

~ .. and for those that get a little frustrated generally with itunes, check out the above website for more scripts. i especially like: List MIAs, Make Bookmarkable, Export Smart List Criteria. one warning though, it’s only for macs. sorry pc users!

~ as i bike along, i start thinking big thoughts, like oh maybe i’ll start that 100 pushups program. imagine! 100 consecutive pushups. too cool.

~ i love the newest firefox. have you updated? i especially love that i can type in the url box just the title of something i looked at before, or the parts of the url that i remember – not necessarily in order – and firefox will pull up the page using my browser history. it’s awesome. and some of the add-ons and extensions are super great, especially taboo, which makes bookmarking easy-peasy and super visual, and
download helper, which i use save copies of my favorite youtube videos.

~ these three knits have caught my eye: fresco vest from classic elite yarn, this cardgigan makes me think of my (award-winning, ha! ;) handspun jacob yarn, and last but not least, little birds is a sweet knit that i’m just itching to knit. but i’m just about done with shawl #2 and i still have shawl #3 to do plus eight (!) wips waiting for me. there’s just too much to knit! .. oh and the colors of these knits are great, aren’t they?

~ did you hear about the librarian who got kicked out of a mccain rally in denver because she was holding a sign that said ‘mccain = bush’. !

~ there’s just a few albums i consider practically perfect, and stereolab’s dots and loops is one of them. this song, from that album, is paired with a stan brakhage film, and it’s just beautiful and hypnotic. love those backup singers.

~ nutrition data is a handy website that has exhaustive information on food. like say you want to find what food out there has the highest amound of vitamin b12 in it that’s vegetarian-friendly? look here – and yeah, you can set up an account and set preferences so that, for example, braised moose liver doesn’t even show up for a veggie diet. ha. anyhow, it’s a useful site.

~ look at these amazing cloud pictures – – lately i’ve been watching clouds overhead roll by and it just pulls you in. but if the clouds had looked anything like these, it would have not only pulled me in but knocked me over. [via twoswallows]

thanks again for the all the comments and emails ~ it’s been a really difficult year and summer especially. i can’t imagine this is something anyone ever really gets over, but good friends help to make one feel less freaked out. today is my dad’s birthday ~ he would have been sixty-three. it’s a special day for all of us here in the hull family, so i’m hoping that all you nice people have a little of that special-ness rub off onto your own day. as for me, i’m finally working regularly again, and being in a library doing the job i love is one my dad would be happy to see on his birthday. take care ~ ~

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