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“we had all experienced similar feelings of frustration and anger toward specific doctors and the medical maze in general. initially, we wanted to do something about those doctors who were condescending, paternalistic, judgmental, and non-informative. as we talked and shared our experiences with one another, we realized just how much we had to learn about our bodies…

from the very beginning… we have felt exhilarated and energized by our new knowledge. finding out about our bodies and our bodies’ needs, starting to take control over that area of our lives-this released for us an energy that has overflowed into our work, our friendships, our relationships with men and women, our marriages, and our parenthood. in trying to figure out why this has had such a life-changing effect on us, we have come up with several important ways in which this kind of body education has been liberating for us, and may be a starting point for the liberation of many other women.”

-from the 1973 preface of our bodies, ourselves

(*word from mary daly; image from no more fun and games journal)

some history

a few books

  • » a cooperative method of natural birth control by margaret nofziger
  • » women’s bodies, women’s wisdom by christiane northrup
  • » woman’s experience of sex by sheila kitzinger
  • » witches, midwives, & nurses: a history of women healers by barbara ehrenreich & deirdre english
  • » hygieia, a woman’s herbal by jeannine parvati
  • » the female malady: women, madness & english culture, 1830-1980 by elaine showalter
  • » the wise wound by shuttle & redgrove
  • » of woman born by adrienne rich
  • » women & madness by phyllis chesler

in my family, when you have your period, you have la macana, spanish for an inconvenience, bother, annoyance. i don’t remember anyone telling me anything about getting your period and when i first got mine, i didn’t tell anyone.

general knowledge

sex education

shameful history – the “father” of gynecology, wtf.


infections & STDs

reproduction & fertility awareness

abortion & pro-choice issues




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