trouble & mamacat

i’m in my room, on my bed, typing away on the laptop, and i hear a loud scared ‘meooow’. i know mamacat is sitting next to me, because every once in a while, even though i’ve asked her for years now not to, she gives me a hesitant wet little lick on my arm. so sweet but so startling and distracting and.. annoying! but it’s love. anyhow, so then i’m about to call out trouble’s name when i hear my mom say in spanish, ‘are you lost, kitty? what are you doing in my kitchen!?!’ trouble meows once more really loud, really lost, and i call out to her. a scramble of claws on the floor, up the stairs, into my room, up some more stairs, and a jump onto the bed.. here’s trouble, coming straight up to my face, tail waving all agitated. as soon as i pet her, a loud loud purr.

happy sigh. time to eat ~ ~ hope it’s pretty wherever you are. maryland is nice in april. ;)

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