animals i have seen recently:

~ fox (crossing the street, many times now. eyes flashing in the glare of the headlights, tail always bouncy and beautiful.)
~ slug (in my left rainboot, just a little one.)
~ bird (in nest, on top of a ledge in the lower garage, sitting very still as i pulled the car in)
~ koi fish (only by the deck, the ones by the gazebo are gone – heron ate them(!) )
~ frogs (orchestra every night. my dad used to collect them by the bucket & take them to the canal where it’s all park land. my mom keeps dropping hints i should do it too. hm.)
~ tadpoles (there are so many they deserve their own line)
~ dragonfly (three days now, the same blue one, i think)
~ neighbor’s dogs (annoying yips)
~ our dogs (the best sweethearts)
~ my cats (loving their new cat beds & scratch lounge-things)
~ junebugs (pepper, my black cat from many years ago, used to love to snack on them)
~ fireflies (official summer bug, i love them.)
~ moth (giant grey beauty in the horse’s stable, and made a straight beeline to my red clogs. oh! and another one clinging to the side of a gas station pump. aqua colors. — just found out, it’s called a luna moth. ;) )
~ horses (they’re getting re-used to the halter. and coats are gleaming. except when it just rained & then they’re encrusted with mud. they like to play.)
~ bees (ginormous ones and plain old little honeybees. wish we had a beehive still.)
~ beaver (chomping very loudly on some greens near the canal)
~ deer (many, most of them alive ;(. and one sitting by the side of the road with cars flashing their hazards as they parked, got out, and approached the deer. i kept driving but worried. :Z)
~ fish (fish tanks upstairs and downstairs. now that my mom’s back, she looks after them.)
~ sheep (at poole’s store)
~ turkey (ditto)
~ chickens (ditto. baby chicks too, but now they’re outside, no longer in the box in the store with a heat lamp over them.)
~ ducks and geese (fed them bread with my nieces & nephew last weekend, at a nearby manmade pond / shopping complex thing)
~ snake (in the stable’s attic, as i was loading up horse food. black little beauty.)

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