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summer is great for remembering how times were as a kid. really, it’s such a nostalgic season, but not just in your mind, but also literally doing what you did as a kid. marveling at gorgeous summer sunsets. smiling as fireflies dance around you as you walk through the woods at dusk. biking down a dirt path along the river and passing log after log, half submerged in the water with families of turtles sunning — heads arched up to catch the maximum sunlight, tails and feet even stretched out. sitting in the car on a road trip – in this case a mini one, to my uncle’s for the day – listening and singing along to old music, feet propped up.


i wrote the above fourth of july. here’s some drawings too that remind me of being a kid and just doodling and having a permanent callus from holding a pencil all the time – it’s funny, now i try to write and after twenty minutes my hand hurts. what a softie! i would have scoffed and felt superior as a kid – and i would be right, ha. anyhow, after age 10 or so, i didn’t like to draw, i got too self-conscious about it, but now and then in the past two years i’ve started again.

hope your july is going well ~ ~

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