happiness = green things growing

nyagous tomatos fruiting, hooray. and blondkopfchen tomato flowers getting ready to burst into bloom – that’s quite a lot of tomatos-to-be! all the tomato plants were grown from seed by me, so i’m very proud of them. ;)

two california wonder pepper plants – the green pepper i’ll wait for, but the purple pepper was picked (say that three times fast!) wow, these pepper plants have really shot up – thank goodness i staked them.

then, two bugs in the garden – one is the hornworm (covered with wasp eggs that will eat it when hatched :Z !) and the other..? any ideas?

happy pepperoncini peppers – see all the red? and then a long view of my pepper and tomato plants – considering i only got them in the ground a little over a month ago, they’re doing reallllly well.

this cabbage is part of a little experimenting with fall gardening, so far so good, though i think the horses might have nibbled a little on one of the other cabbages. possible? and then a little slug is chilling out on some rhubarb leaves – the rhubarb is a originally from my grandmother’s garden on her farm, how cool is that.

some sweet mugwort grown from seeds planted near the stream – they look so small here, but i’m hoping they’ll shoot up in the month or so. lastly, my little harvest from today (plus some tomatos from volunteer tomato plants in the first raised beds from last year!)

happy august! i’m enjoying the summer but looking very forward to september ~ ~

p.s. two technology bits to add: i dropped bloglines and am using firefox’s add-on brief for rss feeds, so far so great. and secondly, i’m really liking google’s picasa – i love addings tags to my photos, plus it’s a lot more powerful than iphoto, for one. one problem is that it really takes up a lot of cpu, but it’s worth it for now.

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