i’m a fixer, a troubleshooter, i can figure things out and find the answers. that’s my job as a librarian, as a code tinkerer on this website and others, as the curious girl i was then and am now. lately though, big and little things have fallen apart. things put off for too long are coming to haunt me and worse. things that as a 20 year old i could excuse on ignorance perhaps are no longer tolerable.

i have to fix them, figure them out. there’s no other choice. why the drama? because it’s easy to think it’s too late, full of should-haves and could-haves that end up feeling like nevers. step by step though, i will fix them. and it’s never too late. not really.

proof? my tomato plants. i sowed them in march but didn’t get them in the ground until after the fourth of july – they were unhappy leggy seedlings by then and i doubted anything would come of them much less fruit. and now? if my computer hadn’t fried to bits this past weekend, i would show you some beautiful pics. it’s amazing. tomatos as big as my fist, tons of little cherry romas all green and sweet-looking, happy stretching plants reaching behind the limits of the fence, trying to touch the sun. looking at them in july anyone would have said, no, too late, this won’t work.

i’m running out the door right now, but those tomatos, that’s the image stuck in my mind.

happy september to you all ~ pictures once i get my computer up and purring again.

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