hi again ;)

about a year ago, i started this shawl – the mystic waters shawl – but it’s been in this same state for about six months now, wow. i’m determined to complete it as soon as possible though because… she’s pregnant! this will be her first (!) and we’re all so excited for the new little one. the baby’s due sometime at the end of march so there’s time to finish this, but considering how big a shawl it is and that i’m knitting it on size 2 needles to boot, there’s no time to waste. plus i would like her to enjoy it in the winter months too, pre-baby and all, of course.

here are some other knitting projects i’ve been eying lately.. though considering how many i have waiting for me to finish, i must not (must not!) start any new ones until i get a few off my plate:

~ rose leaf curtains
~ paletot point de broderie cardigan aka very pretty cardigan
~ still by k. hargreave
~ deep in the forest mittens *
~ rambling rose *
~ little birds *
~ jacket in garter stitch *
~ fresco wrap vest
~ & lastly, either an elephant, bunny or hedgehog for my future niece/nephew – what do you think?

*already have the yarn. just saying, that’s all. some of it even handspun. gulp.

so, those are the premios – prizes – that i can look forward to after completing a few current knitting works-in-progress – but first priority is the shawl. it’s the most complicated lace knitting i’ve done so far just because the pattern changes so often i really have to read every lace line very carefully, and it’s not something i can memorize in chunks or anything. a lot of work. only for a sister, sheesh. ;)

happy november! ~

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