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i figure i’ve knitted a new garment for my baby for every month she’s been alive so far. that’s (almost) seven! with a few more in the serious planning stage. (versus my disturbingly long ravelry queue, “serious planning stage” means yarn has been bought and knitting pattern has been read. see? i mean business.)

  1. & 2.i knit her a blanket{.ravelry} and baby bag{.ravelry} before she was born. i love the blanket, though i did mean to add some ribbon around the border. it’s amazing how much baby blankets are used. did not know! (also, meet uru, a great and super sweet dog. uru urururururu.) and the baby bag (as i call it) is so ridiculously cute. i added pom-poms because.. well, how can one not. it needs buttons for the winter, but i’ve bought two different sets and neither work. anyhow, she’ll use it as a jacket after the bag aspect of it no longer fits her (she’s a long one, this baby of ours) so i’m happy.

  2. ok, so then, that first month, i figured out how to knit while she was nursing – it saved me many nights at 3, 4, 6 am when i thought i’d go crazy just sitting there, waiting for her nursing to finish (now, she’s a champion nurser, five minutes and she’s done!). anyhow, those first two months or so, i knit her three soakers, only one{.ravelry} of which fit and that juuust barely. the other two{.ravelry} (handspun!) still await velcro. (i’m counting these three knits as one since she they’re not quite finished and all are soakers.

  3. next, i knit her a vest{.ravelry} out of some beautiful yarn i was gifted years and years ago and finally knew what to do with; my godmother finished the sleeves with some crochet and the whole knit just looks adorable and tough at the same time. she wore it a bunch, but i’m sure now it’s way too small for her. sigh. they grow so fast! sounds so hokey when old people say it, but now i totally get it. guess that means i’‘m kinda old. ;)

  4. then i didn’t knit for a couple of months, though i kept looking at patterns, sure. finally, i couldn’t resist this (i romp, you romp, we all romp.) so i cast on in a soft beautiful pastel peach (acrylic!) yarn but have only finished the back. it’s hard to find time to knit little fiddly things (size 1s. seriously. :shaking head:) but i gotta finish it for the summer coming up in bolivia. (southern hemisphere, right.)</p>

  5. and that brings us up to now, where in the last few weeks i found a great craft store (the fabric! the yarns! the notions!), and so i began to knit again. one pebble{.ravelry}, that i love so much seeing her wear. it was quite cold a week ago and next week looks to be the same. i felt inordinately proud seeing her in something cute and very very practical: keeping my baby’s belly warm warm. i’m tempted to knit two or three more. so simple, yet so darn cute.

  6. today, i’m in the midst of a sweater{.ravelry} that should be quite easy but of course i’m fiddling with the size and neckline, as i want this to be comfy and last until she’s at least a year. please! with all the fiddling, i’ve been consulting TECHknitter like crazy and learning so much about casting off, necklines, shoulder hems and all that important pattern construction stuff. really interesting reading. knitters are so ingenious.

and that’s that. i’ve also bought yarn for two toys that i plan on making. pretty ambitious considering i really dislike dpn knitting but of course that’s largely what knitted toys require. ..for my baby, anything. i imagine i’ll wait to stuff them until we’re back in bolivia, as i have lots of wool roving there that would be perfect for stuffing, but i’d like to get the bodies knit here.

so. am i knitting? yes indeed. still loving it, eleven years later. !

(also, post #2!)

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