fruit goodness

i never really understood why someone would send fruit in the mail as a gift. those harry and david christmas boxes full of fruit? or fruit of the month gifts? you can buy fruit at the supermarket so very easily. and why get a box of all the same fruit? knowing me, i thought, they’d all be rotting away by the time i ate even half the box. i’m generally pretty bad at eating fruit once i buy it.

but no, turns out i didn’t know myself after all – i love love getting fruit in a box by mail. we’ve been lucky enough to get five boxes during the past three months in japan. eating a little every day. putting some in a bowl to snack on along with some cookies. cutting up big chunks of pear and apple for the baby. (after cutting up a pear, put it in the fridge for a half hour and then eat it cold. so delicious.) hearing her slurp away on a mikan. it’s one of my favorite discoveries lately.

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