as i type this, my daughter is playing in the guest room with her grandmother, we have a fridge groaning with delicious food, i just got a sweet laughing hug from my man, my legs are sore from yoga yesterday, the city is humming with cars zipping around, and christmas lights still blink from so many apartment windows all around us. i’m sitting at our living room table, with videos playing on the ipad as i type on my old faithful laptop, surrounded by piles of classifieds with circles around possible real estate listings, notebooks slowly being filled with ideas and thoughts, a basket full of sembei that is theoretically just for our daughter but we all find ourselves snacking on, and a pile of clean dishes and wineglasses from a fun small get-together we had a few days ago. oh and my hair reeks of coconut oil as i let sit a last-of-the-year hair mask.

in other words, life is very very good. goodbye 2012 ~ it’s been a tough year at times, but overall, i’m a super lucky girl who has finally truly realized that fact. i can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

i think this is the first year in many that i’m feeling ambitious enough, brave enough really, to make resolutions – to say “this is what i want”. eek! but yes, i’m going to try to make more of this good life happen, instead of just oops, falling into it, or pretending i did. that is quite a departure for me, but hey, i’m 35 and i’m ready, and i’m greedy for more. i like this (lasting, regular, stable) happiness thing a lot.

happy 2013 to you all ~ and may it bring us all health, happiness, and love.

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