please excuse the dust ~ it’s a mess here.

hello! i’m changing web hosts and trying to get all the old content up on this little corner of the web that i’ve been calling mine for over a decade now. i post so rarely, maybe it seems silly to continue, but it feels good to know it’s there, that i’m there, recording life, however spottily. for those of you who have tried to reach me at my mellowtrouble email – i’m sorry! that email has been inaccessible since december 2012 (!) and it seems pretty clear that all those emails are long gone (though i still hold out hope). if you need to get in contact with me, email me at my full name at, leave a comment here, or you can also use this (it works again, hooray).

more soon ~ life has been really good but confusing too, as always, with lots of big and little projects, frustrations, wonderings, and so much new stuff to learn and understand. all in all, things are good, very good, and the future looks slightly bleak but mostly yay yay yay. ;)

hope you’re doing well ~

eta: i’ve lost all my images for now, sob, but i’m determined to get them back. also, i need to get back all my posts from 2010-2013 2010-2011 (got the other two years back, phew), which weren’t many but were a quite important time in my life. yay for the wayback machine as always.

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