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2013! i remember how prince’s song ‘1999’, when it came out, was so exciting and new, oooh the future!, and look, here we are fourteen years beyond that. …and with that sentence i am making it clear: i’m old! well, 36 ~ and i took my time getting here, to this point in life, but for the most part i like what i have. i started this website back in 2002 and though the writing has lessened tremendously since those early heady years, i still love this little corner of the web that is mine, all mine. it’s amazing to me to go back through the years and see how much has changed and how much is exactly the same – some happily and some not.

a little bit about me: i’m andrea hull, a 36 year old, currently living in la paz, bolivia. i moved here over three years ago with my man and a year later, almost to the day of when we had arrived, had our baby girl. she’s now an amazingly sweet and loving toddler who is the joy of our days and the twinkles in our eyes. i’m a trained librarian, with a master’s degree in library science from ucla, but haven’t worked in a library since moving here. i can’t wait to be a librarian again ~ and i’m sure i will be one again soon! i’m originally from maryland, went to undergraduate school in philadelphia (go bryn mawr!), and lived in l.a. for almost seven years. i miss the u.s. a lot but we really love bolivia and plan to stay here a long time. i love to read, write, cook, garden, & just generally make things with my hands, including knitting, spinning, papermaking, bookbinding, sewing, dyeing, and more. i love to learn, and to teach myself stuff. (in fact, that’s how i started this website, just wanting to learn html back in 2002 ~ and as a result, got several jobs as webmaster for various organizations over the years, hooray.) i’m also very interested in midwifery, natural birth, attachment parenting ideas, un-schooling, permaculture, politics generally, & oh i’m probably forgetting another dozen things or so.

you’ll find i rarely write about my family. i used to write a little more, but then my dad died of brain cancer after a horrible pain-filled ten months, and since then, i’ve gotten a bit more private. add in the fact that though i chose years ago to start this public space and record bits and pieces of my life, those around me didn’t necessarily. i’m thinking especially of my two-year old who will one day grow up and maybe not want her life plastered online before she even knew what an internet was. with that said i’m not judging others, but for me, this feels right, however adorable she is, and the other members of my family that i love so that i would love to show off to the world. ah well. ;)

thanks for reading ~

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