three years and change

a few weeks ago, right before the new year, i kept thinking over and over “we are living in the future!” and yes, hello 2019, it is indeed the future. and my fingers have been itching to write down, type down, tell someone, even just yell it out into the void that is the internet, that i am still here and that we are living in the future, folks. which 1) means i am getting old (something i am semi-preoccupied with, somewhat in a soppy way but also somewhat in a bad way. more on that later. maybe. lucky you.) and so 2) i have decided to revive this little corner of mine on the web. it has indeed gotten cobwebby but easily spiffied up thank goodness, just one night - er, and day - of biting my lip and cursing my sad outdated tech skills. my writing alas alack is not better, not full of grace and wisdom, but is more like how whenever i get the random chance to play a piano for a minute or two, my fingers still manage somehow to find the exact same errors and stumbles they did the last time i played the piano with any kind of regularity, that is, twenty-four years ago. so, that sucks. anyhow, i need a place to talk. maybe just to myself, and that is ok.

ok, no big point here - just my fingers and brain pleased i have a place again to chatter away. at some point, i will hopefully add actual potentially-useful content. and also pretty pictures. that doesn’t sound too bad, right? i hope. so, more soon.

oh p.s. to sum up three years and change: no, it is too long, i can’t. but basically right now i’m forty-one, mama to two girls, currently living in japan, and planning to go back to bolivia next year and then back to japan the following year and so on. also, intensively studying the japanese language and kinda freaking out about the 41 thing. also, biking a lot and currently reading a lot and trying to be plant-based vegan but mostly just convenience-store-vegetarian with lots and lots of mochi and popcorn. hey.

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