long overdue

~ bolivia’s president evo morales is under a lot of pressure from those who previously held all the power in bolivia and are pretty unhappy that he’s leading a movement of the indigenous majority to take control of bolivia’s future. they keep trying to kick him out or undermine him or etc etc. it’s ridiculous. he’s a great president and one that bolivia’s needed so badly. i was very proud when he was elected president three years ago and i still am today. go evo! [for more info on him, start with these maybe: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

about – 2008, less cranky

i’m andrea hull. i started this website in late 2002 in an attempt to keep my family from worrying what i was doing with my life way out there in los angeles, while they were across the country in maryland still. also, i wanted to learn html – so i got some books, opened up a free geocities page, and sat for hours at unused computers in ucla’s research library. about three months later, i bought this domain, mellowtrouble.net – named after mellow and trouble, two of my four cats at the time – and i haven’t regretted it since.