..and now, some down time

only four days left in 2006! wow. i remember last year being very glad to say goodbye to 2005, and though 2006 was a tough year, ohhh, i’m not ready to let it go. i miss my life .. life here in maryland is still unsettled and the holiday hoopla makes it feel like i’m still just visiting and not really really here. a very happy visitor but not a happy resident, that just feels absurd. maryland! maryland. woah.

1) ack! 2) determined.

number 1 came as a result of realizing how long it’s been since i’ve posted, number 2 quickly followed with the vow of more posting. i realized a while back that writing a journal, which is what i’ve seen this website to be for a long while now, is most especially important when times are hard because later you can look back and see how you dealt with those tough times, for good or for bad. things are indeed tough but also wonderful and relaxing and frustrating and confining and filled with laughter and loneliness. it’s all a big jumble. anyhow, the main message: post more, it’ll help you. even if what i write doesn’t seem all that important at the time, later it’ll reveal good stuff. so here i am.