gavin baby

it’s a been a long week full of babies ~ since saturday afternoon, we’ve been waiting for baby g to be born (my sister, such a tease, kept us all in suspense for the whole nine months), and in the meantime, there were five other kids that needed babysitting, changing, attention – and how! -, etc etc. at first, i was tossing them in the air, twirling them until we fell all dizzy, dancing like a mad woman to get a grin, but now, i’m reduced to a toss here or there and mostly weird faces and odd sounds. ;) anyhow, finally, wednesday morning, around eight a.m., gavin thomas came into the world. how exciting! we’re a family fulllll of women (four men, eleven women), so all the guys cheered when he was born. i must say, i’m awfully pleased to have another nephew. gavin was 21 inches long, weighing 8 lbs. and 13 oz. when born, quite a change from the twins and kiyra, who were all under 6 lbs.


my family moved to this house when i was six months old and i lived here until i was eighteen, so for years and years, when i said home, i meant here. now, home moves with me and can also always be found with those i love. the house itself has undergone some massive changes since i lived here a decade ago (!). but the land is as familiar as the back of my hand – its grooves and nooks and sounds. so, a peek at the back, which i tromp through every day to feed the horses.

some crafting

hi there ~ just to give a break to all the moving/adjusting/moody/crazy andrea posts, here’s a short one that’s strictly craft-related.