i love this place

it’s amazing how echoes can change the feel of a place. i woke up this morning, not recognizing where i was, despite the familiar feel of the raspy spring-sprung sofa against my cheek… my apartment just sounds empty and it feels like what i knew of it, what i’d made of it for sure, is irrevocably gone. like it never was. i like to think though that these walls and floors and windows have absorbed the living i have done in it over the past three and a half years – the good and the bad, the heartbreak and the crazy happy joy and laughter. ah. too many emotions ~ and now, it’s in this half-state that just makes my heart ache to see and, surprisingly, hear the changes, the finality of it all.

what a difference a day makes*

i love love this knit ~ and i know i’ll definitely be using it a lot more on the east coast than in los angeles. i kept meaning to do a photo shoot outside of my apartment but a) embarassing, b) hard to do by oneself, c) i’m absolutely in love with my apartment and will miss it horribly when i go. so! there you have it, pretty light coming in the window, some cat appearances, and the all-important kitchen table.