food food food

i love to cook. the mood comes and goes somewhat, but generally i’m cooking something new up every month that i’m excited about. i’m bad at remembering to take pictures of the dishes but i can guarantee that each and every one of these recipes is delicious. approaching the end of this pregnancy, i’m looking to double up and freeze the half we don’t eat so that when the baby comes we won’t be starving and/or ordering take-out every single day. just maybe every other day. ;)

textpattern ♥

when i first started mellowtrouble, in 2002, it was as a geocities page. remember those? i had decided a few years before that i wanted to learn html, especially after seeing a cousin’s page devoted to shakira. she was 13 (the cousin, not shakira) and all i can remember is that the site had a background of purple bubbles and boy was i jealous. so, finding myself spending a lot of time at ucla’s young research library without actually being a student there (yet), and getting a little tired of writing down all my web bookmarks in these little folded books i’d make – not that they aren’t cool, i love them still – i grabbed a couple of html books from the stacks and started learning what an anchor tag is, what’s the difference between the head and the body, html-wise, etc. of course i wanted a free site for all these newbie attempts, and wow just remembering how annoying geocities admin section was – so buggy! but it worked and was just annoying enough that i couldn’t get too intimidated to keep trying. silver lining, see?