fruit goodness

i never really understood why someone would send fruit in the mail as a gift. those harry and david christmas boxes full of fruit? or fruit of the month gifts? you can buy fruit at the supermarket so very easily. and why get a box of all the same fruit? knowing me, i thought, they’d all be rotting away by the time i ate even half the box. i’m generally pretty bad at eating fruit once i buy it.

rambling thoughts

~ just finished cleaning out my ravelry queue, from 160+ patterns to under 40. woohoooo. and i even tagged all my favorited patterns for future reference. feeling quite accomplished.

tools i need to knit happy

yarn can be found just about anywhere you go, but good tools are harder to predictably find. so, i travel just about everywhere with these two little kits. the circular needle case is from ashland bay and my little hippo friend is from clover. i remember these were other animals, like alligator and.. hm, what else? anyhow, mr. hippo was the way to go. (every animal is now mr. or ms. ..i don’t know if that’s a mom thing or what.)

knitting content (!)

i figure i’ve knitted a new garment for my baby for every month she’s been alive so far. that’s (almost) seven! with a few more in the serious planning stage. (versus my disturbingly long ravelry queue, “serious planning stage” means yarn has been bought and knitting pattern has been read. see? i mean business.)