beyond touching toes

a couple years ago, i made a real effort to stretch regularly enough so that i could at least touch my toes without too much effort. i’ve always had tight hamstrings and it’s never been easy for me, even as a kid, when we’re all little elastic munchkins.

feeling fishy (aka thank goodness for music)

it’s a long sunday night. i doubt anyone in the world reads this, ok maybe two people, and hello! thank you!, but i don’t like the idea of this site sitting all alone, all sad. i’ve read too much science fiction to not imagine fairly clearly a sentient web site that feels neglected and abandoned and hurt. ;) people all say and act as if the 20s are the hardest years, full of doubt and discovery, at best at least, but i found them to be easier in a way, since that’s an out right there – you’re supposed to be confused in your 20s. you’re supposed to listen to a lot of sonic youth and rock and get drunk and make stupid decisions and dye your hair silly colors and make impossible declarations. but your 30s? no, do not pass go, do not take things lightly. this is the decade to Get Things Done. to Be Serious. and if you’re not? or if you’re just ever so slightly still confused? still not sure? still unsteady? well then, you’re royally screwed. or at the very least (feel) pretty ridiculous.

reading up a storm

like last year, i’m participating in the goodreads reading challenge. goodreads, if you don’t know about it, is a free site where you can track the books you’ve read, are reading, will read, as well as read tons of reviews about books, join book clubs, vote on book lists for your favorite books, and basically talk about books ad nauseam. it’s wonderful.

on the right road

one of the ways i measure how my life is going is by how much i’m learning. all babies are born curious (clearly!), and this was definitely a trait encouraged in me by my parents. my dad’s first job after marriage was door-to-door salesperson for encyclopedia brittanica, which kinda says it all.