a midnight grouch

i’ve been fighting sleep for hours – it comes in waves, and when on the ebb, i think oh yay, i have energy so when this baby finally sleeps, i can do things!, but then back comes the wave and i’m rubbing at my eyes like a certain sleepy two year old i know, fighting sleep while absolutely losing the fight.

tv watching

i’ve become a big fan of the bbc. it started when i wanted to watch the olympics last year but bolivia doesn’t broadcast them, besides snippets, plus our tv connection is really spotty. so, going online, i tried cbs or whatever u.s. network it was that was supposed to broadcast it. the only way i could watch on my ipad was through their horrendously bad app, full of ads and, as far as i could find, almost all about the u.s. athletes and little about the rest of the world’s athletes. screw that. so i set up my vpn (i use tunnelbear) for the u.k. and tried the bbc. since it was the london olympics, i figured they’d have great coverage – and wow, it was great. super easy website, NO ads, no product placement even!, and lots of coverage – with yes, an emphasis on british athletes, but not in the drama-filled annoying u.s. way, and still lots of events, not jut the big draws, and lots of athletes. i loved it.

hola ~

2013! i remember how prince’s song ‘1999’, when it came out, was so exciting and new, oooh the future!, and look, here we are fourteen years beyond that. …and with that sentence i am making it clear: i’m old! well, 36 ~ and i took my time getting here, to this point in life, but for the most part i like what i have. i started this website back in 2002 and though the writing has lessened tremendously since those early heady years, i still love this little corner of the web that is mine, all mine. it’s amazing to me to go back through the years and see how much has changed and how much is exactly the same – some happily and some not.


as i type this, my daughter is playing in the guest room with her grandmother, we have a fridge groaning with delicious food, i just got a sweet laughing hug from my man, my legs are sore from yoga yesterday, the city is humming with cars zipping around, and christmas lights still blink from so many apartment windows all around us. i’m sitting at our living room table, with videos playing on the ipad as i type on my old faithful laptop, surrounded by piles of classifieds with circles around possible real estate listings, notebooks slowly being filled with ideas and thoughts, a basket full of sembei that is theoretically just for our daughter but we all find ourselves snacking on, and a pile of clean dishes and wineglasses from a fun small get-together we had a few days ago. oh and my hair reeks of coconut oil as i let sit a last-of-the-year hair mask.

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