wawas *

so. i’ve been back from maryland for two weeks now but you know what i miss the most – the babies!! there’s so many now – my eldest niece just got a bunkbed i promised to try out, my nephew is a complete terror and i love him to bits for that, my sister’s eldest daughter is learning asl (though she is starting to say some words, it’s amazing how much she uses the baby sign language, totally a la meet the fockers) and has the sweetest smile, and the little twins are.. well, as you can see, just beautiful. (that’s jesse, my god-daughter, on the left and jenna on the right – don’t you wish you were a twin!) i miss them miss them all more than anything, a serious ache that is just surprising me over and over again.. argh, why hasn’t teleportation been invented yet!!

it’s hard to know when it’s ok to post pictures or not – they’re not my children and this is the internet after all. this one i decided was fine since it was already posted to my mom’s family listserv. there’s no pic of me with the babies since in each one taken, i look like a complete dork and/or my hair is greasy and freaky beyond belief. (i spent only 48 hours with those babies and still everything went out the window – sleep, showers, regular eating, etc. how does my sister do it?!)

oh, i want babies i want babies i want babies. ..that’s part of my brain there, the other part is relieved i don’t have a single one since i’m nowhere near where i should be to have them responsibly.. but look at that photo. sigh. my aunt-ly-ness will have to do.


~ potcardx: old-fashioned pen pals

~ a great painting of women carding, spinning, and skeining, all barefoot. i spin barefoot as well, can’t stand the shoes or socks on my treadles.

~ do you know about crazy aunt pearl’s monthly horoscopes? oof, this month they’re spot on.

~ spring cleaning for your body. i’ve read about that lemon water thing all over the place, so i bought a lemon and will do just that as soon as i get up from my bed ;) the rest sounds pretty good to me too.

~ before i forget, while i was gone i used downtown dogs’ services to watch over my cats and they did a fabulous job, highly recommended to all angelenos.

that’s it for now – my first class of my last quarter is today, “the oppositional & activist internet”. hopefully the rain will let up soon, i want to do some trapeze flying already!!

happy wednesday ~ ~

*‘wawa’ means baby in bolivian quechua. it was funny to me when i was going to school in philly and all the local convenience stores were called ‘wawa’, hee.

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