hey, i miss you

i’ve been writing here for so long and then i go through six weeks with barely a post..! quite an unexpected summer break – hmph, i’m not liking that, so:

happiness is a honey of a nephew who loves my scratchy knitting. it’s such a difference texture from all the cuddly toys and hard plastic that he feels all the time..! too many cute pictures to choose just one – this baby boy is only seven months old, but such a personality already. and though he still loves a good game of peek-a-boo, he’s growing up so fast, snif.

as for the knitting, it’s a soon-to-be bulky-knit jacket (a.k.a. impromptu knitting while i contemplate knitting rogue‘s hood). i’m finishing up the last few inches of the left front piece, then i pick up stitches for the collar, hope the sleeves fit the body, and seam away. slightly boring color, but kinda nice for the fall, don’t you think? plus i’m finally using up some beginner yarn that’s been stewing in the stash for over three years, yay.

besides all the above, i’ve been babysitting for two+ days four kids under the age of three – love them, but it’s still hard work; then today, seven hours of My First Solo Reference Work at two different library branches, hooray!; and lastly a paper studio entirely under my control(mwah hah hah)/responsibility(gasp) for the next two weeks, which equals a lot of work there too. so, all in all, a tired andrea, but a satisfied one. plus i splurged and bought a new dress and a fall jacket. pretty clothes do wonders for the spirits. hm.

hope you have a wonderful sunday ~ ~

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