all knitting all the time

someone i love very much is really sick – and i don’t want to share more than that for now – but that has translated into me knitting a lot and a lot these last few weeks and so, i have a whole bunch of projects to share..

it’s amazing how much knitting can help when life is hard. i think it’s something about the combination of a) creating something, which always requires, to be successful, a little something that is uniquely you, of b) letting the rhythm of the knitting take over, helping you to escape the problems of the day for a bit, and also of c) the very real and tangible warmth that sits in your lap, a surprisingly solid comfort. and of course there’s always the satisfaction that comes from being productive in the face of bad times, a small but powerful f***you to bad luck and unfairness that happens to all of us at one time or another.

so, here i have a finished juliet that just needs some button changearounds – i want two and they need to hold the garment tighter. then, pictured below, a tilted duster that was knit up in about a week that just needs some buttons. i included three pics to show the power of blocking – be it by steam (which i did for the ribbing) or by water (which i did too, because i’m kinda picky). and just look how different the yarn looks in each photo – so, ok, add the power of exposure when taking a picture. my rogue just requires some seaming of the sleeves, sewing up the hems, and weaving in the ends. i’m not super pleased with how the uneven stockinette in the very front (of course!) looks even after blocking, but whatever. after buying some size 1s and 0s (!) for the poetry in stitches kit, i’m back to working on the lice sweater (which needs a better name). and last but definitely not least, i started this really cute and comfy shawl collar jumper (though they call it a tunic, i like jumper better) from the fall vk using patons classic wool merino. first time i’m using the yarn, and even with just the swatching, i’m super impressed with the yarn – incredible yardage, nice colors, good price, easy availability, and on top of all that, surprisingly soft and drapey. i never realized what a loose knitter i am though. instead of the recommended size 5s, i had to go down to 2s. yikes. (btw, more info on ravelry, of course)

and that’s that. i’m behind on emails, sorry – i’ll try and get to them tomorrow. just got back from a library shift, so i’m off to knit, but of course, and chill out. take care ~ ~

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