sharing some happiness

hi there. it’s almost one a.m. so i really shouldn’t be typing – – i should be sleeping! after a week of eight+ hour daily fiber classes at yarn school, followed immediately by the fiber prep class too, i’m beat. and then today, after the last day of class, i helped at the fleece show for five hours. it was incredible. but my feet are already aching and there’s still alllll day tomorrow and all day sunday. i don’t care – hooray for maryland sheep & wool!

catch up post

you know it’s been too long since you’ve written when your browser no longer has your url cached. it’s only been a little over a month, i realized, but my, what a month. still, this post, i decided, is going to be cancer-free. i was going to title it that, in fact, but i thought that a) my humor has gotten a little twisted and b) doing that would kind of defeat the purpose exactly. ha. instead, how about fiber, fiber, some random stuff, and then a bit of family.


.. and eight days. i’m a firm believer in birthday months, you know, so i’ve been having little celebratory moments all week.

last day of february

i was going to write that it’s been really scaring me how o.k. the world is with me giving up my life. how i basically quit one job, am barely working the other, don’t even try to schedule anything social or outside of the house, and am essentially homebound 24/7. life can be so full of conflicts, but one thing is clear – i’ll do anything to help my dad, so there’s no regrets there – – as is true for all of us who love him and are doing all we can. but still, it is scary how everything just keeps moving on. i know i’m just one of billions, yet – – life has slowed down to frame-by-frame for me. how can something so gigantic like that happen and yet make no dent in the world out there?