see, i have been knitting. i’ve just run into a few problems with my various projects. for example:

any suggestions on getting an ink stain out? i’ve tried acetone, water, oxy clean – i’m thinking about double stitching over the ink but the new stitches would be pretty darn obvious. or not? help!


my dad has brain cancer. he was diagnosed in october with glioblastoma multiforme, a really aggressive tumor. this trip to bolivia is one he’s been looking forward to for months now – a goal to look forward to through chemo and radiation. and though it wasn’t the ideal trip by any means, i know he loved coming here as always and is already looking to the next trip. my parents left yesterday morning – after four days in the hospital and another four pretty much in a hotel room all the time, (he’s ok now – the altitude can hit anyone hard, especially those with lower immune systems and generally weakened bodies) they were happy to get home too.

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from andes to amazon

it’s been difficult trying to figure out where to start, especially since for most of you, this is your first exposure to bolivia. i love this country so much, and am so proud to be part of it at all, but still i have so much to learn. so, with that said, here’s my first attempt, i hope you like it.