here i am

and here’s a little gift from me to you: three christmas songs that have been in heavy rotation. i love many of the classic christmas songs – and last night i had a good helping of nat king cole, judy garland, the drifters, and so on – but sometimes you need something else, and right now, these feel just right.

an observation

some people are really good at waking others up. i have experienced this first hand and it’s such a great thing, the kind that leads to happy stretching and calls of “gooood morning!” with smiles and everything.

i see lice

finally, after months and months, i’m back to my poetry in stitches sweater. when last you saw this knit, i’d done most of the body and had just blocked the center panel, only to realize, like many a knitter, that row gauge is not my friend. a few months later, with the help of a braver knitter (mg!), i frogged the whole darn thing. fast foward to the beginning of november when i finally bought some size 0s and 1s – don’t know what happened to the earlier pairs i had – and swatched. oh wait, no, i didn’t swatch. bad andrea.