may day may day

last night i couldn’t get to sleep and i kept remembering past may days – like four years ago when i wore a favorite handmade dress of mine and marched in the streets with friends and three years ago when i moved into this much loved apartment. i remember it all like yesterday. sometimes, very often, the past seems more real and nearer to me than the present – and though that’s not a good thing in many ways, today, right now, it makes me feel lucky.

The Ice Queen



by Alice Hoffman

one of my favorite authors of all time – and the story here, especially the writing, is no exception. in general, i think hoffman’s stories just wash over you like a thing of nature, sometimes a storm, a gentle rain, bright sunlight, or with the speediness of dusk. either way, you just have to sit back and let it happen. what an inspiring writer.

you also happen to learn quite a lot about lightening in this book and especially about the effects it can have on those it hits but doesn’t outright kill. just the kind of fascinating information a girl like me enjoys. kinda scary, but true.

keeping busy

~ this friday i’m off to a fiber retreat – mostly spinning, but also felting and knitting and who knows what else. should be awesome. i have several pounds of fiber to play with and some great new spinning books, so i’m ready for the weekend. yay.