getting ready for may

why? it’s the beginning of the eat local challenge! last year it was in august and since i was traveling all over the place, it was super easy to get a bit lazy about it. this year, i’m determined to do a bit more. not that last year wasn’t successful – the challenge definitely raised my awareness of where the food i was eating came from. but, onward and upward, right?


it’s been slow. i see the same happening on a lot of sites – blogs and otherwise – and though it could just be spring fever, or something like that, it could also be a normal lessening of the blog/online world/hype. (too many forward slashes is a vice, i know i know. ditto for parentheses.)

crazy runners!

my dad is running the boston marathon right now. there’s this new feature this year where the runner can have emails, text messages, etc sent automatically to a few people, giving them an update of the actual time for that runner. my dad said something about a RFID tag that he ties on his shoe? i’ll have to ask for details, and a photo!, later. anyhow, here’s what i have so far: