unexpectedly, a car day

hi there ~ happy friday. it’s been a little hectic (isn’t it always, though?) but i’m feeling cautiously relaxed. sounds silly, probably. the things is, less than 48 hours ago, i found out my whole building was being sprayed for cockroaches. fun times. anyhow, the letter helpfully noted that i needed to

happy international woman’s day!

first off, thanks to each and every one of you for the sweet birthday wishes! for some reason, my camera isn’t working unless its attached to its charging dock, so you’ll have to wait for pics of my birthday giftys and cards for a bit, but more important than any gifts were the emails, comments, phone calls, and cards i got – at the guild meeting on saturday, the members even broke out into song! (have i made it clear yet that i love my guild?) as before, i declare this my birthday month though, so be prepared for more fesitivities down the line. ;)


off to san francisco for the day in just a few hours ~ so very excited! i intend to enjoy every moment ;) in the meantime, a few links and a pic for you..