wawas *

so. i’ve been back from maryland for two weeks now but you know what i miss the most – the babies!! there’s so many now – my eldest niece just got a bunkbed i promised to try out, my nephew is a complete terror and i love him to bits for that, my sister’s eldest daughter is learning asl (though she is starting to say some words, it’s amazing how much she uses the baby sign language, totally a la meet the fockers) and has the sweetest smile, and the little twins are.. well, as you can see, just beautiful. (that’s jesse, my god-daughter, on the left and jenna on the right – don’t you wish you were a twin!) i miss them miss them all more than anything, a serious ache that is just surprising me over and over again.. argh, why hasn’t teleportation been invented yet!!

long time

i didn’t mean to hibernate as long as i did, and in reality it was a hard-working hibernation, not the sweet sleeping that the groundhog is doing in the previous post, but now i think i’m ready to pop up and say hello again. hi!

unexpectedly, a car day

hi there ~ happy friday. it’s been a little hectic (isn’t it always, though?) but i’m feeling cautiously relaxed. sounds silly, probably. the things is, less than 48 hours ago, i found out my whole building was being sprayed for cockroaches. fun times. anyhow, the letter helpfully noted that i needed to