a new background*

i love the different colors of wood, and in my apartment there’s a couple different types that really appeal. since you all have seen only the table – again and again, in every photo it seems ;) – i thought, hey i like this floor, let’s just take a pic there. so, yup, my pretty (dusty) floor. also, a nice sideline view of what all old buildings in l.a. have, that is, long metal bars for earthquake proofing, supposedly. and see all those cracks between the boards? a total haven for crumbs and kitty litter – what a lovely combo.


i met up with some fellow knitting spinners (like rose! hi there ;) ) on saturday and a great time was had by all. ah, thank goodness for the fiber arts – without them, my social life would be nil. every other week there’s some kind of yarn thing and it’s a big part of what’s been keeping me sane. and then there’s all of you out there who read and say nice things and just generally send good vibes – thank you! i know i don’t say it enough, but seriously thank you thank you thank you! i’ve been keeping my eye on the number of comments and it’s nearing the big 1-0-0-0 (wow). i’m planning some serious fun stuff to celebrate, so stay tuned and believe me, a fair number of you will be richly rewarded. or at least get a postcard or something. ;) hee.

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a great weekend but since then the week has really bit. i had my first spinning conversion at the dinner party on friday, but like a dork, forgot to take a pic of my star pupil. ;) no fear, she left my place with her own spindle, some fiber, and a good spinning mag – see? i’m a responsible spinner. ..the party was such a hit – i had a great great time catching up with friends and was relieved to see that seven people in my apartment was not too crowded at all. i’ve also been cooking like a madwoman: homemade applesauce, herbed croutons, herbed butter – can you tell i’m trying to use up my fresh (store-bought) herbs? – spinach lasagna and goat cheese gratin, watercress & endive salad, and even some chocolate fondue. delish.