spin span spun

first off, check out the brand new spinning magazine spindlicity! janel, one of our local l.a. spinners, has done a tremendous beautiful job. go ahead and look, i’ll wait. ;) there’s a lot of good stuff there – patterns, article and more, including an article by julia perfect for those who want to get into spinning but don’t know where to start. ..oh, and you might see some pics that look familiar in the reader’s gallery section, yay!


i’ve come to one, hopefully a big one, at least in regards to this site here: for lack of a better term, being a comment whore is .. well, silly.

meme me

it’s 6 in the morning – i woke up an hour and a half ago to sirens screaming their way down the road and for the next twenty minutes the cats and me sat huddled on the bed waiting to see what would happen. whatever it was must have been really nearby because the lights from one of the many firetrucks was flickering on my wall. i tried to calm the cats while in my mind i was racing to think what would i take with me, besides the cats obviously, if someone knocked on my door and said we had to evacuate. scary thoughts, but somehow calming. anyhow, nothing happened, thank goodness, but now i can’t go to sleep. so! what better than to complete this meme – thanks to kittykitty at knitbuddies for tagging me.


two of my favorite jokes ever, proving the forever immaturity of my mind: