wips and memes

funny, both of these words are pretty new to me, about a year or so, all due to these internets. ;) here goes, wips first, most of which you’ve never seen before.

happiness in mid-december

hi there ~ woke up this morning super chirpy and happy – phew, it’s been a while! of course, it can’t hurt that i got ten hours of sleep last night, yay. i just crashed after eating a quick dinner (that even my mom would’ve approved of, for once) and woke up gloriously stretching in that very satisfied-sleep kind of way. there’s a lot of work to do today, but bring it on, i’m ready ;)

december 9th, ack!

hi there ~ it’s been a very busy week and i still have two papers due monday and tuesday so this weekend will be busybusy too, but i still feel like a big part of the craziness is over.

eye of the storm

i’ll drop off my cousin at the airport at noon, and then begins three full days of insanity.. just to exhaust you as i am exhausted, let me list what’s to do be done: