i’m off to new orleans to attend the society of american archivists national conference for a few days – definitely going to be taking pics, but don’t know what kind of posting i’ll be able to do (but hey, if i could do it from sicily!.. ) and then i’m home to maryland, with a lovely wifi setup, for ten days.

there’s calm in your eye

i don’t know where i’ll be a year from now. i really have no clue – i’m already at a stage i never dreamed i’d be in when i was little. i never ever thought i’d be living in california, much less in l.a. for five years. that i’d be twenty-eight and living alone. that i could get so caught up in and love creating things with my hands. that i wouldn’t be a republican. that i’d never be taller than 5’3”.

what? a finished object?!

hello ~ i can’t believe the weekend is over, grrrrroan. i spent large amounts of the past week, particularly this weekend, working on some nasty stuff that i’ll probably post about later, but let me just say for now it involves my car and insurance companies. thank goodness other things happened that were quite nice – such as.. tadaa! orangina is done.