birthday fun

so, to really strrrrreeeetch out my birthday, let me recap what i did this past week: a whole lot of shopping, lots of cheese eating (in pizza form, delicious mole-covered enchiladas, etc etc), family story sharing as well as general/juicy family gossip, me getting lost almost every time we got in the car (so embarassing!), and a total organization overhaul of my apartment.

thank you!!

thank you for all your birthday wishes — so sweet! this has been a great birthday. and my mom assures me it’s still officially my birthday till she leaves ;)

knitting dreams

hi there ~ i’m off to pick up my mom at the airport – she’s coming to visit me for a week, so i’ll probably be doing much less knitting than usual, though, knowing my mom, i’ll have lovely additions to my yarn stash before she goes ;)