i love lists

hi there.
i’ve become a pretty big list person, i have a list for everything and i keep those lists for years and years (i am an archivist-in-training, after all), even though the grand majority of them don’t get finished or even begun. i think it started in college, with tons of time in class for doodling or, in my case, list-making. i can listen with one ear and at the same time dream a productive life via my lists. lately, my lists have become really fun: to-do list when i have more money, “things i want to learn in the next 2 years” lists, “places i want to intern” lists, “books to read” lists, “places to visit” lists, etc etc. but of course, i get the most real joy out of the old standby “to do this weekend” lists. with all this talk about lists, you think i’m not going to list some right now? yeah, right. here:

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happy friday! as always, so glad to see the weekend. so glad it’s a little ridiculous.