one problem of setting up this page the way i have is that when joy-of-joys someone actually posts a comment, i usually can’t bear to post anything new because then that post moves to the past page and i have to start all over again. and, there’s also the chance (like a snowball in hell..) that someone seeing my post, plus someone else’s comment, may deign to comment themselves! lordy, that would be a virtual commenting revolution for this site.. so, usually, i would hold off and wait in vain and yet be very pleased to see that one shining comment all ready for others to click on. not this time, though. partially because amanda has increased my confidence with many a nice comment and, mostly, because it’s a dull-as-dirt friday, with most of the building, much less office, totally deserted. what’s a good girl to do? answer: 1) catch up with bloglines and 2) read as many different versions of your horoscope that you can find.

happy first of july!

happy first of july! (especially to you canadians) and happy thursday — very happy since this weekend will be a long weekend, yippee! to mark the occasion of the upcoming holiday, i’ve decided to finally read james loewen‘s “lies my teacher told me”. one great sentence stuck me right at the beginning. In it’s context: “[History textbooks] portray the past as a simple-minded morality play. ‘Be a good citizen’ is the message that textbooks extract from the past. ‘You have a proud heritage. Be all that you can be. After all, look at what the United States has accomplished.’ While there is nothing wrong with optimism, it can be something of a burden for students of color, children of working-class parents, girls who notice the dearth of female historical figures, or members of any groups that has not achieved socioeconomic success. The optimistic approach prevents any understanding of the failure other than blaming the victim.“ (p.14) indeed.

roll your own

hi there. i had a great great weekend ~ oh finally! after quite a while of graygray days and weeks (and i’m not talking about the weather..), a burst of sunshine. i’m still cautious, which is good, and i know there’s still a lot of residue and effects from the last six weeks or so, but still, phew! the days passed quickly and happily. how was your weekend?


hi. i got back from mexico (it was great great – i’ll post some pics soon) and now find myself in a bit of a puzzle and not a little frustrated. where do i begin?