hi. i got back from mexico (it was great great – i’ll post some pics soon) and now find myself in a bit of a puzzle and not a little frustrated. where do i begin?

hair cut

hello. i’m not planning on getting any sleep tonight since i had 1)one paper due 5 hours ago, 2)a meeting in 10 hours to finalize a group project, and 3)one paper due 20 hours from now (really, it’s due thursday, not wednesday night, but i won’t be around thursday, sux). but, with good food and beautiful music (thanks to vacya) and this fast great computer, i plan to have all three done within the next 24 hours. yikes.


hi. it’s been a while since i’ve written. this last month largely sucked and i’m determined the rest of june and summer will be better. at the least, it will not be bad due almost solely to my actions as happened this last month. so far not so good, but i do feel some improvement.