happy mother’s day! and thank goodness for sundays, i wish they happened more often.

school stuff

argh. i just lost the whole entry i’d been writing. i don’t know what’s up with firefox, but lately it’s just been quitting on me pretty regularly, with no sign of problem right before it up and quits, no infamous mac beachball of death, nothing. so frustrating.
so anyway, hi there. hmpf. ..


hi there. lately i’ve been coming home and just passing out on the couch. don’t quite know why i’m so seemingly sleep-deprived, but it’s very nice to wake up at 9 pm or so and realize that i don’t have to go to work, or school, for another 12 hours and yet i already feel pretty rested and comfy. i love my apartment! i moved in 369 days ago and so much has changed for me because of this apartment — stability stability stability. i feel silly, but really what a difference it’s made to know i have a cozy (yeah, and crowded) home just waiting, filled to the brim with good books, comfy sleeping spaces, a kitchen that’s all mine, sweet cats, and (often) a happy boy puttering around in the kitchen or on the computer, making beautiful playlist on itunes or cooking great dinners. sigh. very nice! life is crazy hectic but this home i’ve created (me! i created it! i’m extremely proud of that.) really calms me down, helps me not freak out, when i normally would have, and just makes so happy. so, to sum up, catnapping after work is good and my apartment, though hotter-than-hell lately, is my very favorite place to be.

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